Two Histories, One Vision

Founded by Mohammed Reza Shamsian, we have been making luxury furniture, joinery and gifts for the Sultan of Oman and other Heads of State in the region for over 30 years.

Tim Venables, founder of Shamsian Ltd, has extensive knowledge, having worked on the restoration of Windsor Castle, the Globe Theatre in London and many other prestigious projects around the world, including the building of Qasir Al Alum Palace in Muscat, Oman.

Today their combined experience enables the company to offer the best in contemporary and traditional design, marrying modern creativity with world-class craftsmanship drawn from a rich cultural heritage and long tradition of hand-crafted expertise.

Our Expertise

We offer a full design, development and manufacturing service, collaborating with designers, brands and global corporations. We produce contemporary and classic works using both traditional and contemporary techniques, which enhance or transform the use and appearance of any space.


Artist and Founder of
Shamsian LLC

Tim Venables

5th Generation Wood Scientist


Engineer and Commercial Director


Factory Manager, Technical Specialist