Yes there are forms under each section and instructions on how to submit your specifications, we will then send you a quotation along with what we require before we start manufacturing.

Yes, all dimensions given are correct. As we make everything to order your submitted dimensions must be accurate.

Yes, we have a large range of different veneers natural and dyed.

It depends on size and quantity, we aim to get all orders produced and delivered within a 6 week period.

You send us your requirements and we will calculate all prices based on the information you submit.

Yes Marq do not hold any panels or stock items. We make everything to your dimensions and colour choice.

Bespoke Service

We collaborate and facilitate your ideas. We accept your sketches photos or any form you wish to submit ideas in. Our designer will work with you to develop those ideas and only when you are satisfied will production start.

On our web forms you can upload images of your ideas. We love to hear our Client’s inspirations so as much detail as you can provide will be welcome. We will then work with you to develop your ideas into marquetry designs.

Samples are not provided as standard, we can send out at special request, a contribution to the cost will be required.

Yes, the collections only cove a proportion of our veneer stocks.

Yes, if you wish to work with Keighley or Shamsian they can be retained as designers to work on your new idea or adaptation of an existing design.

Absolutely. Marquetry items range form exquisite small gift items such as boxes, Coasters, and small tables to large scale furniture items and wall art. This is the essence of ‘Your Marq’- The opportunity to commission something truly unique.


All payment is by direct bank transfers. Details will be submitted at time of invoice.

Full payment is required prior to commencement of production.

As everything is made to order we are not able to offer refunds. Please see our terms and conditions.


You will be quoted a freight cost prior to invoicing, if accepted it will be included in the invoice.

Your items are fully protected and packed with extreme care.

Yes. In the unlikely event of damage incurred whilst in transit, Marq will ensure the problem is rectified and items re made.

Yes. We do request a full billing address is also provided for extra security to protect all parties.

You can contact the person who handled your order, you can also contact us by email to info@marq-design.com

No. As we do not hold any stock items from the collections, everything is made for you even if you request the pieces shown in the collections.

No all duties and taxes are calculated and charged for at point of payment.


The substrate must be suitable for the intended end use, only preparation is “clean and oil-free” when adhesive applied.

The top surface of a MarqIII fully finished panel is water resistant and heat proof to 60c; the edges of the panels will require sealing if likely to come contact with water. The panels are NOT suitable for a wet room environment. For MarqI and MarqII panels the performance is determined by the finish to be applied by you.

Epoxy Glues, “bison kit”, “Kleiberit 309” – or similar.

We use a craft paper or aluminium 0.18mm to 1.5mm  dependant upon panel size and design.

Yes, make sure surface back of the insert is clean and oil free along with the area where it is going to be glued.  then press/clamp/Weight the insert into place and allow the adhesive to set.

Typically the panels will be restricted to the max size of an aluminium sheet – 1.2m x 2.4m. It depends on the width of the band, bands can be up to three-meter long given the pre-sized aluminium bands match the width of the pattern requested.

Please contact Tim Venables at tim@marq-design.com

Any wood will vary in grain and colour as will the dyes used to colour our veneers.  However, we take great care in selection of the veneers to ensure the best possible match, wood veneers are a natural raw material and do vary in colour and grain, also please be aware that ultra violet light can with time change the colour on the veneers.

If we have not answered all your questions, please provide your contact details and query on the enquiry form below.